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Medina County Club Calf Sale

Hondo, TX

Sunday, March 31st @ 2pm

Horace Luensmann & Friends Sale

Marion, TX

Friday, March 29th @ 7pm

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Cattle and show calves are in our blood at DA Cattle Co.!  Paul Aelvoet, co-owner & managing partner, comes from a long line of Belgian farmers and has been showing and raising cattle since he was a young boy.  His enthusiasm inspired his three younger brothers to show cattle at his guidance.  This direction and leadership continued with his own four children, Rene, Erin, Jaclyn and Austin, all of which have now retired their halters and show sticks!  All along, this love of cattle and tradition has stayed the course and continued with the expansion of his cattle business. In 2000 Aelvoet Cattle Co. merged with D’Hanis Limousin, owned by Charlie Murray.  Charlie founded D’Hanis Limousin back in 1990.  His business and breeding expertise would bring much to the table.   Paul and Charlie both served on the Texas Limousin Association Board.  Together, they have formed a progressive cattle breeding program which has been recognized by numerous awards for their outstanding breeding, including MOE Silver Dam of the Year. D’Hanis Aelvoet Cattle Co. is a family oriented business where we are proud of all of our offspring!  We are all about family and likewise, we are here to support your family and the expansion of your own cattle herd.  At DA Cattle Co. you can be assured we are all about producing quality sound cattle from our family to yours!

DA Cattle Co. Female Online Sale

​Monday, April 29th