Cattle Co.

Cow 43

SIRE: Friction  DAM: Z

Cow 05
SIRE: Solid Gold  SAM: Amy Jo
Cow 875

SIRE: Heatwave  DAM: Amy Jo

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Cow 15

SIRE: Heatwave   DAM: Amy Jo

Cow 29
SIRE: Friction  DAM: Z

Amy Jo 

MOE Silver DAM of the Year
2004 Grand Champion Limousin Heifer San Antonio Stock Show

Cow 6024

SIRE: 50/50  DAM: Cornerstone Angus Cow

Cow 861

                                  SIRE: Rulon  DAM: Amy Jo

Cow 567

SIRE: Guardian  DAM: Amy Jo Mother (Amber Jo)

Cow 920
SIRE: Heatwave  DAM: Amy Jo